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24 August 2007 @ 06:50 am
[o o c] character info  
n a m e ;; Franziska [von Karma]
a g e ;; 18
g e n d e r ;; female
s e x u a l i t y ;; asexual- not interested (yet) because she's never looked at people as anything other than 'insufferable fools'.
o c c u p a t i o n ;; trainer
l i v i n g a t ;; Blackthorn City
s t a r t e d a t ;; Olivine City (Johto Region)

p o k e m o n ;;
Dewgoing, ♀; level 50
Ability: Thick Fat (Fire and Ice-type moves do 50% damage on Dewgong)

[m o v e s]
Sheer Cold: (Accuracy: 30 // PP: 5 // Type: Ice) A chilling attack that causes fainting if it hits.
Aurora Beam: (Attack: 65 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 20 // Type: Ice) Fires a rainbow-coloured beam that may lower attack.
Rest: (PP: 10 // Type: Psychic) The user sleeps for two turns, restoring HP and status.
Headbutt: (Attack: 70 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 15 // Type: Normal) A ramming attack that may cause flinching.

Quilava, ♂; level 45 *STARTER*
Ability: Blaze (When Quilava's HP gets low, it's fire type attack power is multiplied by 1.5)

[m o v e s]
Flame Wheel: (Attack: 60 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 25 // Type: Fire) A firey charge attack that may leave a burn.
Smokescreen: (Accuracy: 100 // PP: 20 // Type: Normal) Lowers the foe's accuracy using smoke, ink, etc.
Swift: (Attack: 60 // PP: 20 // Type: Normal) Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.
Sunny Day: (PP: 5 // Type: Fire) Boosts Fire-type moves for 5-turns. *TM MOVE*

Lopunny, ♀; level 38
Ability: Cute Charm (When a pokemon makes contact with Lopunny it has a 30% chance of being infatuated- if opposite gender)

[m o v e s]
Baton Pass: (PP: 40 // Type: Normal) Switches the user out while keeping effects in play.
Jump Kick: (Attack: 85 // Accuracy: 95 // PP: 25 // Type: Fight) A strong jumping kick that may miss and hurt the user.
Agility: (PP: 30 // Type: Psychic) Relaxes the body to sharply increase speed.
Iron Tail: (Attack: 100 // Accuracy: 75 // PP: 15 // Type: Steel) Attacks with a rock hard tail. May lower defense. *TM MOVE*

Shiny Seviper, ♂; level 41
Ability: Shed Skin (Every turn, Seviper has a 1 in 3 chance of healing from a status condition)

[m o v e s]
Crunch: (Attack: 80 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 15 // Type: Dark) Crunches with strong fangs. May lower defense.
Poison Tail: (Attack: 50 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 25 // Type: Poison) Has a high critical-hit ratio. May also poison.
Glare: (Accuracy: 75 // PP: 30 // Type: Normal) Intimidates and frightens the foe into paralysis.
Screech: (Accuracy: 85 // PP: 40 // Type: Normal) Emits a screech to sharply lower the foe's defense.

Espeon, ♀; level 50
Ability: Synchronise (When Espeon is inflicted with poison, paralysis or burn, the opponent is inflicted with the same condition)

[m o v e s]
Last Resort: (Attack: 130 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 5 // Type: Normal) Only usable when all other attacks have been used.
Psybeam: (Attack: 65 // Accuracy: 100 // PP: 20 // Type: Psychic) Fires a peculiar ray that may confuse the foe.
Swift: (Attack: 60 // PP: 20 // Type: Normal) Sprays star-shaped rays that never miss.
Future Sight: (Attack: 80 // Accuracy: 90 // PP: 15 // Type: Psychic) Heightens inner power to attack 2 turns later.

n a m e ;; Nicole
l o c a t i o n / t i m e z o n e ;; England, GMT
a i m ;; queenprosecutor or Kakuzu hime
m s n ;; victory_theory @ hotmail.co.uk
y i m ;; d_eathrealm
e m a i l ;; the.passionata @ gmail.com