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28 August 2007 @ 04:27 pm
[o o c] relationships  

Miles Edgeworth - though Miles is six years older than Franziska, she insists on calling him 'little brother'. Miles was taken in by her father, Manfred von Karma, after he killed Gregory Edgeworth and appeared to become Manfred's 'favourite', leaving her jealous. She did (still does) adore Miles, but feels that she was left behind by him and resents him for it. Though she is a prodigy in her pokemon training, she hasn't advanced to challenge the league yet as she is waiting to challenge the Olivine Gym, to prove her worth to her little brother. (Another reason she is less than happy is because Miles took over running the gym, even though it should by blood-rights have been her job.)

(None yet. Will be updated as RP progresses.)